It's time for all families to have a seat at the table.

Hilliard deserves community-driven development, community-driven safety, and community-driven sustainability to preserve what we have for the future leaders of Hilliard.

Emily has the hard skills and the heart skills we need to bring community-driven leadership to the forefront of a brighter Hilliard future.

Emily Cole for Hilliard

Meet Emily!

A leader with the hard skills and the heart skills for Hilliard's next chapter.

Emily Cole is a different kind of leader.She embodies the ‘working mom generation’ that literally keeps our families safe, our economy strong, and our communities vibrant.In other words, she is exactly the type of leader needed to build a brighter future for Hilliard.

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OP-ED: Disrespectful, dishonest Brian Stewart owes apology to me and every other Ohioan

This op-ed by Executive Director Emily Cole appeared in the Columbus Dispatch on May 10, 2023 — click to read on

Ohio State Rep. Brian Stewart (R- Ashville) is one of the leading bullies behind House Joint Resolution 1, which would undermine the sacred principle of "one person, one vote."

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Meet Emily

**Emily Cole is a different kind of leader. She embodies the ‘working mom generation’ that keeps our families safe, our economy strong, and our communities vibrant. In other words,she is exactly the type of leader needed to build a brighter future for Hilliard.

Emily — who has been married to her husband Wade since 2015 — is the proud mom of a current Avery kindergartner and a future Avery gator. The Cole Patrol have lived in Hilliard since 2015, settling into Old Hilliard since 2018. Her wonderful family has filled their home with love, laughter, and an abundance of sound with their three dogs.Originally from Northern Virginia, Emily earned her Bachelor of Science in Economics and Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Shepherd University before moving to Columbus for grad school.

Emily Cole for Hilliard

She is a proud graduate of THE Ohio State University’s John Glenn College of Public Affairs, where she earned her Master of Public Administration.Emily’s work and dedication to building stronger Ohio communities has distinguished her among her peers and set an example across the state for community-driven leadership.

She advanced health equity at the Health Policy Institute of Ohio, improved the key drivers of community health through the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center, and brought needed resources into local communities to improve healthcare access by consulting with community health centers.In 2021, Emily Co-founded and has served as Executive Director of Ohio Families Unite for Political Action and Change (OFUPAC), a 501(c)4 that gives a voice to families impacted by police violence. She also works with OFUPAC’s sister organization, Ohio Families Unite Against Police Brutality (OFUAPB) to build Ohio communities where all our families come first, before politics, to thrive.

Emily is a frequent speaker at the Ohio State Legislature where she has given important testimony on a wide array of issues that affect all Ohioans, including protecting voting rights access, advocating for safe communities, and standing us all to be seen and valued for our full humanity.With Emily’s unrivaled dedication to the families of Ohio and her extensive experience working directly with Ohio families to build vibrant communities across the state, she will hit the ground running in Hilliard City Council as a woman of action.It’s time for a new generation of leadership in Hilliard — and Emily embodies the generation of action-oriented, community-focused leadership that will usher in a bright and dynamic new era to our community.

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